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Client description:

German chain of organic food supermarkets and producer of organic food.

Campaign Objective:

Direct Response

target audience

18 - 65+

campaign story

We want to create a "template" for an instant experience that we can use to start in 2021. We will work with Alnatura throughout the whole next year. In this order we want to create a template that we can reuse with different products every week

brand guidelines

instant experience pack

Draft a trial template for an instant experience ...

Feed Video

Top Video

Mid Video

Image Carousel

official weekly promo ads
of alnatura 2021

  • 14 promo static images for 4 carousels (3-4 images per carousel) for:

- Dry assortment

- Natural cosmetics

- Fresh assortment

- Fruit & vegetables

  • 1 product of each category: Dry assortment, Natural cosmetics & Fresh assortment will be selected to be featured in a video


Ads example in 22.04.2021​

  • 2 videos in 9x16 & 4x5 ratio

  • 2 IMGs in 4x5 & 1x1 

  • Dry assortment carousel

  • Natural cosmetics carousel