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invisalign videos
for social ads




2020 - 2021

Client description:

Invisalign Clear Dental Straighteners.

Campaign Objective:

Brand Awareness

target audience

Young Adults / Teens

campaign story

Invisalign is more predictable, feels more comfortable and has transformed over 10 million smiles. Not consumer facing - We want consumers to see this ad and be inspired by the confidence, fun and excitement that our patients have because of their new smile.

brand guidelines


concept 1

A Direct Response Ads - Targeting 18-35yo. The over-arching campaign message should be that invis is a powerful thing.  No matter what you’re confronted with, invis gets you ready for the moment.

  • Showcase different cases of teeth being straightened

  • Have some footage of smiling patients

  • Show the Invisalign material

Version 1: 20s

Version 2: 10s

concept 2

We want to gain attention, gain recruitment from Invisalign Users out there that they can be part of Invisalign by joining our #Smilesquad and be feature in our websites, social media etc ...
Join our Smilesquad now, send us your Invisalign journey photo(before/after) to or DM to @invisalignsea!

A Direct Response Ads - Targeting: Invisalign Users. This 15s will done by re-purposing existing assets that’s Invisalign have from past KOLs, Invisalign users experiences.

concept 3

Target Audience: Teenagers

We would like to have very cool and flashy text effects. Feel free to go CRAZY and do some cool effects. The music choice here should be a cool beat, possibly dubstep.


concept 4

Target Audience: Young Adults

Concept requirement:

Tap into the emotional benefit of transforming smiles - evoking optimism, fun and inspiration

This one prioritises 10 Million Smiles

Concept requirement:

Leverage the Michael Le video

Less on the emotional aspect but on the product benefit

thank you!

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