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Client description:

Get full games, ingame currency and items for your favourite games, as well as credits and discounts for your favourite shops and subscription services in the area of gaming, entertainment and lifestyle. For free!

Whether you're a PC gamer, console fan, mobile game enthusiast or online shopper – Lootboy’s got you covered! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out our Premium LootPacks for your favorite games and services. You can even get LootPacks completely free of charge by collecting LootBoy Diamonds through quests! Join the LootBoy community with millions of other gamers worlwide, supported by well-known content creators from Youtube and Twitch.

Campaign Objective:

Direct Response

target audience

Gamers, 16+

campaign story

This is a must have app for gamers! With insights, tips, exclusive offers and info

brand guidelines

concept 1: branded character focused video

For this concept we want to focus on the main character

concept 2: branded + inapp flow

For this concept we want to focus on the in app flow

concept 3: branded + lootpacks

For this concept we want to focus on the cards as incentive

thank you!

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